KVM displays applied


In July 2017, we designed and provided 220pcs KVM displays for an army datacenter.


Customer request

Brightness: 300cd/m2

Resolution ratio: 1280*1024

Contrast ratio: 800:1

Viewing angle: 85/85/85/85(left/right/up/down)

Glass: AR glass

Signal interface: VGI*1,USB*2

Input device: keyboard, touch board

OSD keyboard: Equipped with

Power supply: built-in input AV220V, output DC12V power

Working temperature: -20~55°C, storage temperature: -40~70°C.

Working humidity: 0%~90%RM

Salt spray and mold can meet with the requirements for vibration, impact, salt spray and mold test in GJB environmental test method.

EMC: Meet with the EMC requirements in GJB151A-97.

Installation way: Custom guide rail installation.


We choose the military level display screen, whole casing is machined by metal structure and do seal treatment, so that the protection grade of the whole display has been effectively strengthened. The LCD screen is bound by AR glass, which not only improves the anti vibration performance of the display, but also reduces the reflection of the light. It has achieved a good display effect.

The keyboard uses a silicone keyboard with a protective level of IP68. The front OSD film key is used to facilitate the user to adjust the display screen, and the touch control panel is used to achieve precise touch control.

The external input interface adopts the composite military standard socket plug, which not only ensures the reliable transmission of the signal, but also improves the anti vibration performance of the display.

The use of the military level modularized AC-DC power supply ensures that the display can work steadily and reduce the electromagnetic radiation. At the same time, every function module in the display is ensured to be grounded effectively, and the shielding processing is done to meet the EMC requirements.

The use of thick stainless steel to install guide, weight bearing, durable, cable use tank chain to protect, effectively prevent overstretching.

Customer Evaluation

The performance indicators of this KVM display exceeded the expectations of the army, satisfied the customer requirements, gained high evaluation and used in batch to the military cabinet.