Rugged LCD modules applied


In August 2016, 200pcs 19 inches high brightness wide temperature rugged LCD modules which is specially refitted for a Research Institute are successfully applied for on board rugged display.


Customer request

Product application: On board rugged display

Applicaton: It is suitable for the harsh environment of ground military monitoring, vehicle, shipboard, airborne, weapon launch and so on

Working temperature: -40~60°C,storage temperature: -40~70°C

Working humidity: 0%~90%RM

Brightness: 1000cd/m2

Vibration: conform with requirements for vibration test in GJB environmental test method

Impact: conform with requirements for impact test in GJB environmental test method

Salt spray: conform with the requirements of GJB environmental test methods for salt fog test

Mold: conform with requirements for the mold test in the GJB environment test method


We choose the military level display screen and redesign the display structure and backlight to meet the needs of the user. The shell is fully and tightly designed with NEMA4/IP65 standard aluminum front panel, AR glass strengthened in front of the LCD screen, the back light source adopts high efficiency LED as light source, and replace the optical components with a better material. In view of the need for wide temperature range, we add a heating system to the LCD module. And the intelligent thermostat control system makes the module automatically heat at less than 0 degree and automatically stop heating at more than 10 degree to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption.

After refitting, LCD modules performance can be: brightness 1200cd/m2, working temperature: -40~60°C, storage temperature: -40~70°C, Vibration, impact, salt spray and mold can meet with the requirements for vibration, impact, salt spray and mold test in GJB environmental test method.

Customer Evaluation

Through assembly testing and batch use validation, Our LCD module is a good solution to the problem that the display is easy to damage in the harsh environment. Customer is very satisfied with the performance of the product.