Rugged LCD monitors applied


In Oct 2016, 50pcs rugged LCD monitors specially designed for an army vehicle-mounted radar system passed through acceptance and put into promotion and use.


Customer request

Brightness: 800cd/m2

Resolution ratio: 1600*1200pixels

Contrast ratio: 800:1

Viewing angle: 89/89/89/89(left/right/up/down)

Signal interface: DVI*1,VGI*1,USB*2

Touch screen: resistive touch

OSD keyboard: equipped with

Power supply: DC12V

Working temperature: -40~60°C, storage temperature: -40~70°C.

Working humidity: 0%~90%RM

Vibration, impact, salt spray and mold can meet with the requirements for vibration, impact, salt spray and mold test in GJB environmental test method.

EMC: Meet with the EMC requirements in GJB151A-97.

Applications: It is suitable for the harsh environment of ground military monitoring, vehicle, shipboard, airborne, weapon launch and so on


We choose the military level display screen, whole casing is machined by metal structure and do seal treatment, so that the protection grade of the whole display has been effectively strengthened.  

Through the use of high efficiency LED light source, the display screen is reconstructed with backlight, the optical component is optimized, and the luminance is easy to meet the customer's requirement of more than 800cd/m2

The touch screen uses high temperature resistive touch screen, and the military level 9 to 36V DC power supply is used to ensure that the display can work stably when the voltage fluctuates, so as to ensure the low electromagnetic radiation of the power supply. At the same time, it ensures the effective grounding of the functional modules inside the reinforcement, and does a good job of shielding to meet the electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

The rugged display prefaces the OSD film button to facilitate the user to adjust the display screen.

All the signal interfaces are equipped with an aeronautical plug to ensure the reliability of the signal connection.

The ITO heating method is used to solve the abnormal low temperature display of the LCD screen. And through the intelligent control of temperature controlled converter, the display is automatically heated at less than 0 degrees centigrade, and the temperature is higher than 10 degrees centigrade to stop heating automatically and energy saving and reducing consumption.

Customer Evaluation

The performance indicators of this rugged display have been highly affirmed by the army and satisfy the requirements of customers. It can be widely applied to various vehicle and tank vehicle and shipboard systems.