Outdoor LCD advertising player


In Oct 2017, 20 sets 49 inches outdoor LCD advertising player which customerized for xinjiang customer by Hummax are installed in a commercial plaza in Urumqi.

49 inches outdoor LCD advertising player

Customer request

Product application: play program, broadcast, information release, public inquiries and so on.

Application: Outdoor, working temperature -30~55℃, working humidity 0%~90%RM, atmosphere pressure: 80~110kPa.

The power supply indicator: working voltage AC220V, power consumption is less than 2000V

Voice: Horn index = 20W, clear voice, no noise

Display indicator: resolution 1920*1080,brightness≥2000cd/㎡,viewing angle≥170,The brightness is uniform, there is no bright spot or dark spot, the play is smooth and the image is no distortion. Touch control is accurate and sensitive.


We use the full metal shell design, and the elegant appearance treatment, at the same time, we use anti riot high perspective, low reflection, zero ultraviolet, and anti glare glass, so that to make the product achieve a beautiful and fashionable, sturdy and durable purpose. Through the professional waterproof structure design and material application, The function of moisture proof and dustproof is realized.

The advertisement player uses the advanced intelligent cooling and heating integrated air conditions, through the circulating cooling system, the internal temperature and humidity are effectively stable, the durability and life span of the product are greatly improved, effectively prolonging the service life of the advertising player. In the face of the severe cold and heat of the four seasons, it can meet with the need for outdoor 7*24 hours continuous work.

Using industrial control motherboard to integrate rich interface functions, dual channel stereo horn with lossless digital power amplifier to support a variety of multimedia files: video formats such as MPG,MPG-1,MPG-2,MPG-4,AVI,MP4DIV,TS,TRP,WMV,M2TS,MKV,RM; music formats such as MP3,WMA, picture format such as JPEG,BMP,PNG etc. Equipped with network interface, it can realize remote control and update the information in real time.

Customer Evaluation

The customer is satisfied with the design of the product through the installation and use of the products, The performance of the product is stable and can be used reliably in bad environment. All the performance indicators of the product are beyond the expectations of the customers

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